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  • ⌀ ca 4cm
  • Natural Leather
  • Finished with Beeswax
  • Vegetable tanned
  • Eve Hintsov Leather Design
  • Designed & made in Estonia

Natural Leather Closure for Scarf

Leather Scarf closure "Hold me tight"

€ 7.90
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Scarf is the modern tie! Suits the elegant and the nonchalant.
Eve Hintsov Leather Design has found great way to tie the scarf without the knot. Suits men and women but specially men!
Eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather is produced with natural materials used in the tanning process.
It is one of the oldest methods, but rare nowadays.
The scarf closure is finished with beeswax to keep it nice and waterproof.
Leather Scarf Closure is great gift for Him and Gift for Dad.

  • Clean any non-water spillages with a soft damp cloth
  • Do dry near heat. Makes the leather hard & brittle
  • No need but you can apply a natural leather conditioner. Gently rub it in with a soft cloth