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  • 100% linane
  • 70 cm x 195 cm
  • Kerge ja õhuke
  • Öko-tex 
  • Kasvatatud ja toodetud Leedus

  • Large Womens Linen Scarf. Minty

    Minty Linen Scarf "Time to Bloom"

    € 35.90
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    Scarf is the easy way to style up! Great with jeans, lightweight and airy.
    Perfect travel companion that easily fits into a purse or a pocket. In the same time the size allows for a multitude of ways to wear it. The breathable linen shawl gets softer with every wash.

    This natural flax scarf is printed with the original apple blossom painting by Kamille Saabre.
    Best gift for Her!

    Why Linen

    Linen is much stronger and glossy than cotton. It has anti allergic properties. Also it is resistant to static electric load. After each washing linen fabric becomes softer and less wrinkly.

    Linen fibre goes damp and dry very fast, that is why the fabric warms during cold night and cools the body during hot midday.

    Linen fabric makes the best micro-climate for the skin of all fabrics. It is permeable to air, absorbs dampness and sweat very quickly.

    Linen fabric is ecological. It is without surplus product and does not make harm to our nature.

    Style up with the leather closure designed by Hintsov leather design.


    Instructions for care:

    • Wash on gentle cycle in warm or cold water 
    • It dries fast without tumble dry
    • If you prefer to iron do it on low heat